Licensed Massage Therapist and QHHT Houston

Hank's Intentions for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

Hank's two main reasons for getting certified to practice Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy are:

  1. To facilitate miraculous  vibrational evolution which supports the fact that we are powerful entities of light vibration.

 2. To facilitate accelerated vibrational increase which facilitates individual and collective consciousness expansion.

I've decided this page will be on going... sort of like a website blog page. I will just keep adding on at the bottom of each post. 


Hank's belief about the meaning of past life and reincarnation

In my understanding every life & experience that we live or have ever lived is all happening simultaneously. There is only the forever moment of Now. I believe that we are multidimensional and we exist on multitudinous levels experiencing what we consider past, present, future, fantasy, dreams, and ultimately Oneness.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is the CABLE BOX that connects our minds to these bandwiths or higher vibrations of experience. We are just like television we have many channels and many shows playing at the same time... All we have to do is change the channel and to get another program... in our case to get to parallel life. Just because you turn away from one program does not mean that the other cease to exist... QHHT can ultimately get you to the Oneness where all the answers about all the experiences and lives are contained. On this level deep profound healing may take place.  

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Experiences  ADDED NOV 29, 2013

Hi Hank here...

It's been seven months since I earned my certificate to practice QHHT. Here are a few experiences that I would like to share. I will not use subjects name or any personal identifying details. I will just refer to their gender as male or female using he or she etc...

The purpose of these examples posted here are to let others have an idea of the seriousness and the incredible adventure that may be had in a session.

I'm amazed every session with the responses of each subject as they come out of the induction.

Most are amazed in the clarity of the experience saying it was realer than real life. Many honestly say they cannot believe what they just experienced and that it has changed their life forever. Here are some examples:

One gentleman landed in a big forest and from behind his father who had passed the year before came up to him and greeted him. They had a private conversation and when this gentleman awoke he said...

"His father passed the previous year while he himself was in the hospital... his father was in the hospital as well and very ill and in a different state. Unable to attend the funeral he never had an opportunity to say goodbye... the QHHT session offered him this opportunity... he said it was such a clear high definition experience... his heart just opened up with such love when he saw his father... he feels that he received the closure he desired"

In another session a young lady said:

"She was an extraterrestrial on a ship hovering over the earth... She said that she was about seven maybe 8 feet tall with blue skin with two fingers and a nnopposing thumb... she had large dark oval eyes and hairless... she claimed she was a scientist and was working simultaneously as scientist and subject on the earth... Her mission was to clean the atmosphere and other duties such as monitoring herself as a human to make sure her body can handle the pollution and negativity on the planet"

I had one subject tell me:

"He was about nine feet, tall greenish blue with gills on his neck for breathing. The planet he lived on was mostly water and he had to wear a helmet to walk on the surface of the planet... he also said he was over one hundred years old and was on a council of elders".

During the induction the subject is asked to float up to a big white fluffy cloud... this is for most clients one of the best features of the session...

The subject usually gets a great big smile on their face as they effortlessly float up to the cloud... some say OMG this is awesome, I can't believe I can do this... once they sit down on the cloud some don't want to leave it because it feels so safe and warm and comfortable...

For protection in the session the subject is asked to visualize a big shining pyramid of white light to surround them... One person said he witnessed four Archangels on each corner of the pyramid there to protect him and he said he knew them by name... another said he felt invincible and safe beyond measure.

Often in sessions I will introduce the subjects to their Guides/Guardian Angel/Ascended Master...

There was one Indian subject who did not believe in reincarnation like his parents  and he desired proof... He was afraid of the entire process but he still sought me out to do it...

Into the process I asked him turn around and I told him his Guide had arrived to meet him... he did not tell me in the moment he did not turn around.... so I said turn back around and then I suggested there would be a door behind him and he should answer the door... he then open the door and Lord Buddha was standing there... he told me after the session he never turned around the first time but when I said there was a door he then turned around... he said the door made him feel more comfortable... turning around and someone standing there would of freaked him out... once he met Lord Buddha he let him guide him through a past life.


Every time I connect with the subjects Guides or Guardians or when I get the subject to the somnambulistic level... I asked for them to be scanned for detection of any body problems that the subject may not be aware of... or request to regenerate what they do know...

The subject are reporting being scanned with a violet light through their feet that goes up their legs to the source of the problem... One women told me her eyesight has been steadily improving since the session... One gentleman said he had a painful heart condition and after the session he was totally releaved of the pain involved...  He recalled getting stabbed with a spear in the back in the heart area in a past life...

Most subjects thus far have come to receive a session out of curiosity and other for personal issues that no one else seems to be able to get to the heart of... I have had tremendous success thus far.

Flying, past lives, future lives, parallel lives, life on other planets, life as an energy entity and life as animals and plants. We have lived hundreds of lifetimes for we are immortal. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is an incredible tool to awaken you to a much larger picture of reality taking place in existence.

November 2014

It has been an entire year and quite a few months since I earned my QHHT certification. I must say what an incredible journey thus far. I have spoken to Fairys, Angels and Jesus, sometimes in the same session. The sujbects and I have goggled information of past life personalities and find they actually exist. Just recently a young lady in this linear lifetime is herslf of course and an attorney living in Chicago.

I would like to state for the record... I am not a Doctor or a Psychiatrist...

Therefore the session's I perform are GUIDED MEDITATIONS via visualization... I don't claim to HEAL anyone in the session's performed... The name of the technique I use is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy... I am trained in the technique not a trained Hypnosis Therapist.

My intent for learning and using this technique is for giving glimpses of the other side of the veil... Which this technique does quite amazingly... The rates I charge are for my time and efforts.