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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy / Guided Visualization

Hi my name is Henry Jones II please call me Hank

I have put together a list of questions that you may ask yourself to see if Quantum Healing Hypnosis or Guided Visualization is for you.

0. Do you wonder why you keep falling for the same type of mate that may not be good for you?

1. Have you ever thought that you were not from the earth?

2. Have you felt you desired to go home? Although you have no ideal where home is.

3. Do you feel like you don't fit in with everyday people?

4. Do you know details about subject matters that you have never studied?

5. Have you experienced Deja'vu in places you have never been?

6. Do you meet people you seem to have known their entire life and you just met?

7. Have you ever seen Angels or Fairies or Little People out the corner of your eye?

8. Do you believe you have been abducted or visited by Extraterrestrials?

9. Does the violence and fear on the planet really affect you emotionally?

10. Do you have dreams of past lives and other worlds?

11. Do you believe there are other ways to obtain homeostasis in the body besides using Pharmaceuticals?

12. Are you a Light Worker on the fence and desires affirmation?

13. Do you know you are so much more than you were ever told and you desire PROOF?

If you have answered "YES" to any of these questions this is definitely right up your alley!


 "Copy and Paste" the link below to go to my YouTube Channel where you may watch and listen to over 350 video recorded session in the QHHT playlist and Guided Visualization playlist...                         

Guided Visualization / QHHT Payment

  The Guided Visualization Session must be paid in advanced via PayPal here on this website. I do not except cash, checks or credit cards.

These sessions are for entertainment purposes only and by paying for a session via PayPal you understand this and you will not attempt to hold Hank responsible for your success or non success.

Refunds are up to Hank's discretion!       

These sessions are available via Skype.

If you like Hank's work and desire to support there is a donation button, thank you.     

Benefits Include:

1. Overall Well Being

2. Accelerated Personal Developement

3. Increased Intelligence and Memory Recall

4. Increased Psychic Abilities

5. Meeting Deceased Loved Ones




6. Reduction in Hostility

7. Inner Calmness

8. Regeneration

9. Witnessing other Realities

10. Increased Zest for Life



11. Increased Quest for Answers

12. Increased Respect for Life

13. Increased Knowledge

14. Increased Wisdom

15. Increased Spirituality


Preparation for the QHHT or GV Session:

 1.  Make a list of questions that you would like to know from your higher self
2.   Bring a blank Flash Drive with at least 1GB so the session may be stored on, so you may take home to review at your leisure. If by Skype have a recording device as back up just in case recording on my end goes wrong. 
3.   I suggest meditating or saying a prayer to mentally prepare for the session.
4.   Make sure you have up to 5 or 6 hours for the first session.
5.   Really have a positive attitude about the process because it will make all the difference in the world. You do not want to waste your time or money.

6. Please dress comfortably... tennis shoes and warm up clothes are best... (There are rocks in the driveway)... you need to be as comfortable as possible... not a lot of jewelry or high heels... and please no heavy perfumes, I am allergic.

7. I accept cash only... I will issue a receipt if desired.

All session are performed with Hank and Client ONLY If you bring your spouses or close friends with you (especially if you have driven a long distance).  I still tell them they will have to find something else to occupy their time, by going somewhere and returning at the approximate time expected for the closure of the session. Or they can sit on the patio etc. until the session is completed. I do this for specific reasons. No matter how close you are to your spouses or the friend (even though most often insist they will tell them everything anyway), most have a tendency to hold back if there is someone else in the room. During the interview I want to find out as much as possible about your life, and this includes personal information about marriage and private life. Things are often revealed that you do not want the other person to know. Besides, when in trance many personal and highly emotional subjects may emerge. You may feel embarrassed crying or becoming emotional with me, and I know you will tend to hold back if there was someone else in the room.


 Below you may read a full description from Dolores Cannon herself of her technique.


Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or Past-Life Regression

What makes my technique different and unique from other hypnosis techniques is that I have found a way to go directly to the Source of All Knowledge. This extremely powerful force has the answers to all questions we could ever ask and also is capable of performing instantaneous healings on the body. I call it the “Subconscious” because I did not know what else to call it.

But it is not the subconscious as defined by psychiatrists. That is a childish part of the mind, and is the part that is used by hypnotists to work on habits like stopping smoking and losing weight.
That is not the part we will be working with. If I could define it, I would refer to it as the Higher Self, the Higher Consciousness or the Oversoul. It is so big and so huge that it has the answers and solutions to everything.

I call it the “Subconscious” for simplicity, and “they” have said “We don’t care what you call us, we will work with you.”

 I have found a simple and easy way to put the client into the deepest possible state of trance (the somnambulistic state) so we can have access to this part. It comes through everyone this way. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but I have found the technique to be successful in over 90% of my cases.

I have been involved with hypnosis for over 45 years and have spent more than 30 years refining this technique. Thus everything in it has a definite proven reason for doing it. . It is also full of safeguards so that the client will not be harmed.

To make an appointment with HANK please read below and then call 832 267 6594

My office is located in a private studio in my home off 45 South just past the 610 Loop at the Howard / Bellfort exit 77017 FIRST OF THE HOBBY AIRPORT EXITS

Please call... 832 267 6594 

I prefer seeing client between 8am and 6pm on their first visit. The first Quantum Healing Hypnosis session is a minimum of three (3) hours and is $250.00

 If more time or if another session is needed or desired the rate is $50 per hour.




Hank: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist

I began developing my own  regression techniques in 1995 after reading several books on hypnosis. It was a hobby at first. I'd place my friends in a trance state via visualization. Most were incredibly surprised by the experience. They could not figure out how they saw the images or found the words to describe what they were either seeing or experiencing. 

In 2012 the subject of hypnosis caught my attention and interest once again.  I attended the online Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Academy.  This technique was developed by Dolores Cannon over 45 years. I earned certification to practice nationally. 

 Make an appointment to:

1. Meet your Spirit Guide

2. Explore the Spirit Realm

3. Regress to past lives on or off the planet earth

4. Progress to future lives on or off the planet

5. Pargress to parallel lives on or off the planet

6. Build up to the Somnambulistic Level where the conscious mind is totally set aside and the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND OR HIGHER SELF emerges to impart "The Wisdom of the Ages" This is where the HEALING & MIRACLES take place.

7. Take a Fantasy Journey into the Dream World


To prepare I guide the subject through an Auric and Chakra system cleanse with Tuning Forks, Breathing Exercise and Visualization Techniques. I massage the subject's feet or hands before we begin the session. This helps to connect US energetically, to establish a trust between subject and Myself.